Defence and Security

These two sectors are seen as increasingly inter-related, and are considered as a single practice at Benchmark.

The financial squeeze in both public and private sectors has led to a rapid rise in outsourcing to and within the private sector.  This has resulted in a huge demand for senior and professional staff in fields such as information security, business continuity and risk management, as well as for executives to fill traditional defence roles in operations, procurement, business development and strategy for OEMs and the Defence primes.

In this sector there is a particularly strong market for consultants, especially those with extensive end user experience.  We have supplied many such, with excellent credentials acquired in government service, with the Armed forces, emergency services or government agencies, as well as career consultants poached from competitors.

We conduct tailored searches for all senior positions, including Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Project Directors and Programme Managers. Our most requested service is to find Business Development Directors, but other typical roles include Heads of Defence Practices in the UK and EMEA, and Senior-level Consultants to work into the public sector generally in central and local government.