Turning information into intelligence

Benchmark Launch New Venture – 1st February  2012

Building on its successful pilot scheme in 2009-2010 with the Home Office and UK Border Agency, Benchmark has now established a strong team to help crack down on fraud in the insurance sector. With a strong central team of full time staff, augmented by regional associates, the counter-fraud team are investigating a range of incidents providing evidence by which wrongful claims can be repudiated or downgraded, and reserves  released for re-investment. Honest  claimants benefit as the team work so quickly to verify claims. As well as  offering a significant return on investment, Benchmark’s team act as a deterrent to other would-be fraudsters, especially repeat offenders and organised gangs.

Initial results have been little short of spectacular, and the MD, David Montgomery, is already negotiating a wider use for his experienced and dedicated team, most of whom are recently retired members of the Royal Military Police.